How to create an amazing App like Uber- Critical
Factors Involved

Uber is the App which provides

  • Easy access and immediate response to the travelers
  • Amazing experience for the driver and riders both
  • Strong branding in the ride sharing market and success in the short period!!

Uber’s Incredible Marketing strategy

Uber launched in San Francisco which encourages innovative tech ideas where people encourages new ideas to increase quality of life and comfort which is the first stepping stone for Uber.

Every startup company needs brand awareness and goodwill among customers. As a startup in early stages uber also needed a brand awareness and goodwill among both riders and drivers. The company’s incredible marketing strategies have contributed to its business success.

Various Marketing Strategies Uber Uses

Various Marketing Strategies Uber uses

  • Uber uses word of mouth marketing strategy which is termed as early adopter advocacy. Uber sponsors events and gives free rides. Uber managed to get word of mouth publicity among people across enormous cities around the world. Digital social media is the power. The early free riders shared cool blogs about Uber and it spread across their families and friends social circle. To build brand name like Uber you have to concentrate on the city specific marketing strategies and manage to get word of mouth publicity.
  • Uber also adopted referral marketing program which increased Uber’s customers and was super successful.
  • Uber support rating system for drivers and riders which build trust in both customers and drivers for the Uber brand.
  • Uber also have loyalty program called Uber VIP which has special benefits.
  • It has also partnered with Facebook messengers wherein from Facebook Messenger user can request Uber Ride

As a startup you can also build your brand by learning from Uber Go to marketing Strategies and build the loyal customer base around the world by implementing multi-channel marketing strategies.

Uber App Work Flow

Uber App Work Flow

Uber Important Technological Components

Uber Important Technological Components

Uber’s Geolocation

  • Uber uses CoreLocation framework to identify user device location. It also let Uber define geographical location and monitor movements as it crosses certain boundaries.lso adopted referral marketing program which increased Uber’s customers and was super successful.
  • Uber has also integrated mapping software. The mapping software is purchased by Uber as a solution to their logistic issues. It implements google maps for both iPhone and android versions
  • Uber’s driving directions to the driver is critical part. Uber uses MapKit to display point to point directions in the Uber app which is very user friendly and drivers can understand the same.

SMS and Push Notification Facility of Uber

Uber is famous for its instant messages wherein the rider can track and get messages when the driver accepts the request or if the driver has cancelled the request. These text messages are created by Twilio telecommunication provider. Uber Android App uses Google Cloud messaging for push notification and required to implement Apples push notifications service.

Uber’s Payment Integration for Cashless System

Uber encourages cashless system. It takes 25% of driver fare which makes the excellent business model for its revenue. Uber comply with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

The modes of payment in Uber are

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Promo Code

Uber has partnered with Braintree and it uses PayPal services for credit scanning.

Cost to build Uber like Application

Uber has an innovative idea and if you are living in a cosmopolitan city this is the best featured taxi application you can think off to build. To build an app like Uber the cost depends on the features you are building for the app.

You need to pay for the following services if you want to build the app like Uber

  • Web Design it depends how much you are using UI/UX designers.
  • Backend Development Cost.
  • Project Management Effort Cost
  • Quality Assurance Efforts Cost.
  • iOS And Android app development Effort Cost.

If you want to build Uber like App definitely you need to have basic features with amazing UI/UX design but in addition if you have the budget you can think about advance features which will affect the cost. According to our data to build Uber like app for both drivers and riders will take approximately 5000-6000 hours (depends on the experience level of development team also). Total cost depends on your service per hour rate which again ranges from $20 per hour to $25 per hour.

Profit Story of Uber

Uber profit is also determined by number of factors given below

  • Uber partners with the driver and takes around 20% and gives 80% to the driver
  • It sometimes charges 1.5X to 3X charges depending on the demand time of cabs. It follows dynamic pricing schemes.
  • It makes revenue out of cancellation of rides.
  • Advertising numerous advertisements of other products on the App.
  • Uber gets money from the brand and the brand gets more wider publicity across the globe,

We are sure you got all the information in the article to build the App like Uber. Uber proves that with simple ideas and strong business model and providing solution to the customers your app will be definite hit among customers worldwide!!!

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