JustYap is an innovative new app designed to bring you crystal clear voice quality with the lowest rates for international calls, in the world. Based on new technology, JustYap uses a simple, yet revolutionary, process to connect international calls via GSM, eliminating the need for high-bandwidth internet or costly mobile internet plans which most VOIP-based apps offer.
JustYap allows you to transfer your Balance to any of your contacts, in just 3simple steps.
JustYap to JustYap messages are completely free. You can also call any number that does’t have JustYap at remarkably low rates.
Just Download the JustYap app from Google Play or App Store and procees to register your name mobile number. When your profile is complete with the necessary information, you may select a monthly package or pay-as-you-go all at lowest possible rates to be found anywhere! Add Contact and start making international calls with ease.
JustYap accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Paypal. Alteenative payment methods are accepted depending on your location.
Auto Reload assures your Balance will not expire. For example , if you are runing low on credit out Automated Reload system will allocate the minimum amount of credit purchase selected by you into your account.
Your registration may be verified via call or our immediate support team will assist you upon being informed.
There will be no charge upon sigining up or using Lineshare. Changing your currency preference setting while still having balance credit may cause an increase or decrease in your account balance.
Your transaction history can be found at the bottom of the Balance page, under My Trasaction.
JustYap is available in English, Spanish and Mandarin.
No, Charges are only incureed to anyone you call if the LineShare feature is switched on and they have shared their line with you.
JustYap uses its own form of currency withing the app and does not incur charges to your mobile service provider.