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Project Descriptoin:

Livingua enables you to experience the authenticity of your next destination by connecting with hand-picked assistance in real-time. Send us your question via messaging and instantly connect to trusted and hand-picked person who can get your queries solved conveniently.
Livingua offers assistance in personal, and professional matters related to settling down or visiting new destinations.
Sample tasks you can get assistance with:
– External research including:
Filtering through quantitative or qualitative information
Processing findings and/or finding personalized information
– Translation and transcription
– Technical advice
and much more!
Some of our features include:
– Frictionless user experience: Our app requires minimal effort to navigate through
– Real-time: We adopted a chat-based model to assure our commitment to real-time on-demand responsiveness.
– Clear pricing: our pricing schemes are visible with no hidden fees
– Fast and reliable: our hand-picked experts will find custom-made solutions for your needs
– Transparent: we never match you with an expert that you ranked badly again
– Security: all of your data is safe and you can share what you’re comfortable with only
– Multi-tasking: there’s no limit on how many tasks you can delegate at any given point to multiple experts

Don’t waste your time filtering reviews and planning events at your destination. Instead, receive customized insights from bilingual experts that will save your valuable time. Being in the know has never been more effective.

For travelers:
– Download Livingua
– Request assistance at your destination
– Get in the know with personalized findings and instant translation
– Sign up to become an expert in your hometown

For experts:
– Download the app
– Get certified by livingua as a trusted local expert
– Answer questions routed to you
– Enhanced people’s’ experience in your hometown
– Get paid and have fun

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