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Project Descriptoin:

Use Movir to transport just one or many items – Easily, Painlessly & Hassle Free! Movir’s App gives you the ability to order your own Personal Mover with the tap of a button.

You Don’t Need To:

borrow your ex-girlfriend’s father pickup truck or anyone else’s for that matter
order a moving company
be scared for your wallet
worry about no-show movers
or, be scared for your items.

We Are:

cheaper than renting
cheaper than all moving companies
available when you need it
reliable, affordable, safe
and, actually very nice!

In addition to ordering a mover that will do the actual move for you, now you can pick “Order Mover (no lugging)” option where you (and friends) can load / unload your items, and you only pay for the vehicle charges. Perfect for Students & only half the cost!

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