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Sales Manager

Project Descriptoin:

Lead management Application can be used for Sales, Collection & Recovery, Customer Service, Follow up and Exhibition Sales Manager is most useful for Travel agents, School sales staff, Insurance agents, Call centers, Facility management, Medical Clinics, Telemarketing Agencies, IT services sales team, Real Estate sales team and Direct Sales agents.

API Integration Connect your existing system with ours via our APIs Business Enquiry Grouping Group your enquiries by Product and get details about your most in-demand products in Market Business Enquiry Sources Enquiry sources can be marked so that you can track how your advertising campaigns are doing. Business Enquiry Progress Enquiries are auto marked as “Processing“, their status changes as the work progresses Follow-up Set reminder for the follow-up via email and SMS.

Assign Business Enquiry To Staff You can Assign a Business Enquiry to your Staff members Three Level of Accounts Admin [Boss], Team Leader and Sales Executive. Team Leader can see performance of his team member. 100% Security of Data No one can access the data of the account other than the account holder (with valid password) Important Greetings Our system automatically sends birthday/events based wishes or marriage day wishes to client on your behalf

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