How to start unique type of taxi business

As per Statista research Taxi service industry will see upward growth in coming years. The revenue projection shows an increase up to 2,841 million dollars by 2022. Increase of smart phones usage has given extensive boost to mobile application development. The taxi booking application with various user-friendly features like Uber has revolutionized transport industry.

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Here are few pointers for which will help you to start incredible taxi business with support of advance technological taxi app like Uber

  • You need a winning team to develop an Uber like taxi app.
  • You need to select a unique niche which provides solution to the customers on day to day basis.
  • You need to make use of disruptive technologies and rely on customer feedback data like Uber app.
  • You need an amazing marketing team to create the credible brand name across the globe for your business.
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How to build a profitable taxi business

The first step is to select the type of taxi booking service you want to establish for your customers. To stay ahead of competition, you should not just rely on picking up and dropping of passengers as they are just basic functionality. We have selected few options for you

Healthcare taxi services

When it comes to taxi services the hospitalization sector or health care is the most essential sector. The in-house patients or emergency patients need taxi services with minimum turn around time. In some hospitals the patients may need the dedicated taxi for the pick-up and drop till clinic and home. Health care sector has been evolved so much in current times so for sure if you start taxi business for health care and hospitals then you will have revenue and contribution towards welfare of the society.

You can refer Lyft and Uber Health Care Apps.

Healthcare taxi services

Taxi Services for kid’s transportation

When it comes to kid's transportation - school institutions, colleges, universities are always in need of safe and dependable transportation.

If you want to create taxi business for kids, you can refer ZUM, Kango, HopSkipDrive.

You can also check Uber for kids App which helps in detail track of the taxi ride. In day to day world, parents are using technology to monitor the kids transport rides. So, if you develop the app like Uber for kids then parents need not to worry because of the detailed level of technological monitoring. With this kind of advance technical app for kids’ transportation you will lead ahead of the market and be successful in your business!!

Taxi Services for kid’s transportation

Luxury and comfort taxi services

Some customers prefer comfort and luxury taxi services only once in a while. Luxury cars are very costly and unaffordable so if customers want to enjoy the vacation and go for a leisure drive in luxury cars then they need not to buy it they can hire it from your services. In this line of business, you will expect less competition, so you can build the app for taxi hiring for cars like Lamborghini, Mercedes and grow your niche in this area!!!

Refer New App Car Limo which will give you a clear idea.

taxi business

Water taxi services

Water Transportation is essential in any city or in any country. The water cab services can be for financial, personal usage or for tourism. This system should have tracking system to track the nearby cab, cab fares and routes. You can refer to Uber boat taxi application, ship booking app, etc.

Refer WorldWaterTaxis and uberBOAT for more information

Water taxi services

Wheelchair Provisioned taxi services

The wheelchair provisioned taxis include features like the modifications of the cab to make it accessible to wheelchairs for disabled persons, specialized driver trainings. These taxis result in less time to wait for wheelchairs in travels as an excellent service and comfort to senior citizens or disabled persons. Refer Ezymov, Kickstartcabs, UberASSIST and Lyft for more details. It is a new taxi service business niche where you will get less competition and high scope for success in this field. Again, with this business as a community service initiative you will be more self-satisfied to do this line of business!!!

Wheelchair Provisioned taxi services

Cab sharing and car pool

People across the world are looking for Carpooling Services which is affordable and practical for day to day life. A carpooling app will allow the passengers to share the ride using some popular apps like Zify, Blablacar, Zipcar, Carma, Zimride.

You should design cab pool app with features like correct calculation of sharing amount among passengers, creating travel plans and safety, privacy of user data sharing the ride. Refer to the cool app for Uber pool. You will have high numbers customer for this kind of application since it is very good for day to day life and cheaper than normal rides with safety.

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Car rental services

There are large numbers of customers who need car but do not own one. Car Rental service have definitely good scope for taxi business due to its critical demand across various locations across the world. This eliminates dependency on the drivers. The owner of the car needs to upload the required documents and earn money with this cool app!!

Customer car rental service app will be a technological tool to aid the services. There are various types of niche in this field from which you can choose like outstation, corporate, long-period rentals, or P2P rentals, self-drive rentals. Start building your own car service rental app like Navotar, Turo and GetAround for a profitable business venture.

Car rental services
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